Energy Shielding: 5 Psychic Protection Tools

If you are an empath, you know how easily you can sense and pick up energies. You meet a person full of sadness and despair and within no time, you realize you suddenly feel sad for no concrete reason.

If you are a lightworker and heal others using energy healing, you are even more prone to pick up negative energies. In such a scenario, it becomes incredibly important to shield your aura to find inner stability and feel empowered even in unfavorable environments.

Herein, I walk you through some of the simplest tools you can employ for psychic protection.

1. Visualization

When you leave the house, imagine you are wearing a cloak of protection or a bubble of white or golden light around you. Invoke the angels and pray that no negative energy can pierce through this powerful bubble or cloak and you are fully protected.

2. Grounding

When you are not grounded, you feel disoriented, confused, dropping things and lacking clarity and the ability to focus. Grounding helps to keep your aura positive and strong and external energies cannot affect you if your own aura is strong. There are several ways to stay grounded but walking barefoot on grass is one of the easiest ones. Besides these, you may practice the following grounding technique at any time of the day:

  • Sit calmly and imagine the roots coming out of your feet.
  • Let these roots reach the earth, and grow stronger as they connect with each other.
  • Imagine all the excess energy flowing into the earth through these roots.
  • Do it until you experience a state of calmness and then retain that peaceful vibe even after you get into your everyday routine.
Energy Shielding: 5 Psychic Protection Tools

3. Smudging

Incense sticks are an incredibly powerful way to open roads, steer clear of blocks, expel negative energy and clear your mind and space of stagnant energies. You may use different kinds of incense sticks including sage, camphor, sandalwood, etc. I do it every day at home and believe that the smoke carries my desires, goals, and thoughts out into the ethers/universe. Incense sticks are easy to use, quick and affordable.

4. Crystals

Crystals can be incorporated at home to prevent bad vibes from entering as crystals work to absorb negative energies from the surroundings and provide emotional protection relieving stress, fear, panic, overwhelm, etc. One may also carry it like a protective talisman to ward off negative energy from your aura. Several crystals are used for shielding and purification such as black obsidian, black tourmaline, selenite, clear quartz, amethyst, etc.

Bear in mind that you need to cleanse the crystals frequently to ensure that they continue to function the way they are supposed to. You may cleanse them by leaving them in the moonlight overnight or by washing them off in salt water.

5. Meditation

This is the most powerful method for shielding as it strengthens you emotionally and expands your aura. The more expansive your aura, the lesser would be the influence of external factors. Meditation also connects you to the Universal Consciousness, and therefore you are automatically empowered and firewalled against negative energies.

It is a blessing to be an empath, but if you get overwhelmed with others’ emotions, it might well become a curse. So it is quite important to practice self-protection techniques as above. With regular practice of these techniques, your resilience would grow and so would your confidence.

Love and Light

Article by Dr. Jayashree Ramana

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Dr. Jayashree Ramana is a scientist and nutritionist. She uses Reiki healing as a part of her holistic healing program.
She is Usui Reiki Grand Master and practices Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Crystal healing, Lama fera, Magnified healing, Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT), acupressure, etc. She is a fitness enthusiast and helps people achieve optimal levels of wellness by amalgamating physical measures including nutrition and exercise along with various alternative therapies. Her vision is to empower people and help them tap into their individual power while simultaneously creating a life of abundance and joy.
She is working as Senior Information Scientist at International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. She was formerly a university professor and scientist in the field of Biotechnology for a decade. Her own personal transformation with reiki sparked her passion for metaphysical sciences and this led her to found ‘The Healing Soul’.
Get in touch with Dr. Jayashree Ramana through her website or you may reach her at [email protected] Her youtube channel is

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