Green Witch Paths

Green Witch Wheel of the Year Journaling

The Wheel of the Year is a series of eight holidays, or sabbats. The sabbats are the solstices and equinoxes plus the four holidays at cross-quarters with those solar-based dates. There is a sabbat every six to six and a half weeks..  They mark the seasons - the journey of the earth around the sun. When you live each day attuned to these rhythms, your life is grounded in the earth and its place in the cosmos. You return to the Source. You find that nature is a bridge to Spirit, and that nature and Spirit both bring you straight to your own soulwork. Nature, Spirit, and soul form a great Celtic knot of awakening and sacred living. 

The daily practices are designed to weave together mind, body, and soul. They include journaling, simple crafts, meditation, and ideas for a life centered in green spirituality. They are designed for personal spiritual discovery and for deepening your relationship with the earth and with each other. 

1st Degree Green Witch – Outer Circle

The Green Witch Path is an earth-centered spiritual path that many often find it hard to follow in an urban community.  Through out the next Year and a Day you will be learning to live your life in a whole new way in harmony with nature.  Your spirituality and your path is your own experience to truly find your self in this world. 


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