The Birth of Astrogemology – PaganSquare – PaganSquare

The ancient art and science of astrology conjoined with crystals comes down to us from […]

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Everything Would Be On Fire – PaganSquare – PaganSquare

    I spoke recently with a friend’s young daughter concerning the well-known phenomenon of […]

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Must-Have Crystals For Your Altar & Sacred Space

What are some of the best crystals for your altar? What will they do and […]

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Humanism 2.0: humanity’s last monotheistic religion? – Part I,  by Alex Shenderov, Ph.D.

“World belongs to humanity.” Dalai Lama “When you come to a fork in the road, […]

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NOAA predicts busy Atlantic hurricane season as La Niña sticks around

MIAMI  –  The year, the end of the Memorial Day Weekend in the United States […]

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